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Dustin Holston, Owner

Certified Nutritionist, Weight Loss Specialist, Cornell Certified Wellness Counselor, and Personal Trainer ranked as a top 5 coach in North America.

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What We Do

Dustin and his team works with women and men who have a variety of health, fitness, and wellness goals. Advanced Nutrition Solutions specializes in helping with nutrition and fitness approaches with infertility, PCOS, toning, maximizing results on GLP-1 Medicines, muscle gain and performance, modeling, toning, and so much more.

Dustin Holston

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer NPI: 1336783034

Courtney Osborne

Nutritionist and personal Trainer

Haleigh Poore

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Christina Holston


Dustin Holmes


Jessica Kauhi

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Andrea Falford

Nutritionist. personal trainer, Pre/PostNatal

April Lynch

Nutritionist and Personal tRainer

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